Arhiv Značk: vabilo

Sodeluj pri snovanju delovnega zvezka

Sodelujete lahko že tako, da si vzamete minutko časa in izpolnitetale vprašalnik. Hvala.

V tem letu pripravljam izid delovnega zvezka z vajami za umska poigraVanja. Vaje so primerne za vse generacije. Za nekatere je lepo, če je par ali se delajo v skupini. Veliko pa jih je individualnih indelovni zvezek je ključnega pomena za samostojno delo.

Za vse, ki bi si želeli ohranjati možgane aktivne, se uriti v spominu. Za vse, ki urijo svojo pozornost in koncentracijo z branjem.


About the word game

ABOUT THE PROJECT, BesedoVanja, Vanja Lebar
For learning to remain a part of our lives, we must learn to listen well, to read, write and speak. If we want to be good students we need to have powerful minds. Therefore we must know how to learn.
All these facts combined are the key to mind games. The purpose is the flexibility of our mind. The idea of the game, playing with the words that have the same ending came to me while reading the books.
For example:   ending ing

A:  Alluring, Amazing, Annoying, Anything, Asking, …

First I chose the ending. In my case is my name VANJA. Then I chose topic, then I wrote the words from A to Ž and searched for some meaning of the words, using internet and dictionaries. They are written in a form of an advice, a definition or just used in sentences. I enjoy searching for them and sometimes I have the feeling to have found some new word, which is rarely used in everyday language. Believe me, I hear the word the next day on the radio. It gives me the feeling that I have revived the word.

In my reading, I developed some new skills, which are the parts of the power reading method. I was focusing myself on the words with my name in it and not on the content of the book. And it realy works.
And I know how to effective use internet and dictionaries. Now I have more than 5000 words with the ending VANJA and I get new ideas every day. It keeps me highly motivated to pursue a hobby that I love.
What do you think about it?
Which ending would you chose to write?
To participate, write to me immediately! Thank you.
 Vanja L.